Re: Does NM start named?

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 11:56 -0400, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Apr 2006, Neal Becker wrote:
> > Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> >>
> >> In Fedora, you start named at boot, but to get it to talk to NM, you need
> >> to connect it to dbus.  Add to /etc/sysconfig/named the line
> >>
> >>  OPTIONS="-D"
> >>
> >> Also, do not install the bind-chroot package, but do install the
> >> caching-nameserver package.
> >>
> >
> > Why not install bind-chroot?
> IIRC, NM won't work with a chrooted named.  If things have changed, maybe 
> a developer could comment.

As long as dbus can get out of the chroot, it should work, but there are
some configuration options that aren't usually set in the default
bind-chroot packages.  Essentially, if you want out-of-the-box setup,
you install caching-nameserver and you're good to go.

Or, don't use bind at all.  If you're not running bind, NM should write
the correct values to /etc/resolv.conf, otherwise it's a bug.  Of
course, that requires that DHCP works.


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