Re: pptp vpn still broken


Dan Williams wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 17:47 +0200, Nikolaus Filus wrote:
>> Hi,
>> although I should now learn for my final exams, I need some relax and
>> looked again at the pptp plugin I use for connecting my university VPN.
>> additionaly to setting my password in the pptp plugin (I really would
>> wish a GUI solution), I need to apply the following patch, which enables
>> mschap-v2, makes the checkboxes for mppe and mppc work and fixes a
>> related crash. Using an older cvs snapshot from 4th february goes up to
>> a successfull connection by pptp itself, but nm thinks the connection is
>> not started, doesn't show a vpn icon and the ppp0 device wasn't configured.
> Are all PPTP vpn connections MSCHAP-V2 ?  Do all of them need mppc and
> mppe too?

In theory there could be any of the combinations used out there, but
practically mschap-v1 shouldn't be used anymore. It was introduced in
Win2k and added to win98 for its VPN and adds mutual authentication
between both peers and authenticator-controlled password changes.
MPPC is optional for compression, MPPE "optional" for encryption, but
there shouldn't be a VPN without encryption - right?!

MPPC and MPPE are already switchable from the vpn configuration in
nm-applet, but I don't know how to add a toggle for mschap v1/v2.
There should also be an option for MPPE stateless or statefull, I think.


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