Re: Can't connect to wireless network

On 4/4/06, Code Epicure <ce codeepicure com> wrote:
>            Finally, after help from many people on the web, I have gotten ndiswrapper loaded correctly for the BCM4318-based wireless card on my Acer 5000 (Turion 64) laptop running FC5.  Since I did it wrong so many times it feels really nice to have it working.  There is only one problem - it won't connect to my wireless router.  NetworkManager (0.6.0, I think) shows my wireless network, plus a few belonging to neighbors, but when I click on my network it says 'Attempting to join the wireless network "Reading"...' and then eventually fails.  What am I doing wrong?  I can offer the following output from iwconfig:

Have you tried a newer version of NDISWrapper?  A recent post
indicated some success with it:

*Stupid Gmail did not reply to the list...*

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