VPN and Scripts?


I was wondering if it was possible to setup scripts to be run after a
certain network is connected.

For example I need to setup some special routes and stuff for my Uni
network to work. Currently NM finds the network and connects fine, I
just need to add them by hand.

I also connect to another wireless network which uses a Cisco VPN
concentrator for network encryption. I can connect to it find with vpnc,
I was hoping I could also have this start after NM connects.

I also have a wireless network which has a DHCP server on it but I would
like to use static IP address, is there anyway I can do this?

Finally different networks I connect to have different proxy settings,
is there anyway I could get NM to change the proxy settings when I
connect to different networks?

Network Manager is definitely one of the best tools I have used so far
and I would definitely be interested in helping improve its
functionality so it works on all the above networks "out of the box". It
works with all the other "normal" networks I connect to without any

Thanks for the great tool!

Tim Ansell

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