Re: madwifi patches

On 4/2/06, Wendell MacKenzie <mackendw sympatico ca> wrote:
> Hi:
>    Can anyone confirm whether the below mentioned patch is rolled into the
> NetworkManager-0.6.2 version from the site?

That patch is not applied to that release and will probably not be
applied.  NetworkManager is designed to work with any card that is
WEXT compliant.  The developers feel (and rightly so) that putting in
support specific support for all the various cards would be a support
nightmare and as such they are pushing the driver developers to be
WEXT compliant. There is some work from a developer to submit a patch
to make madwifi compatible with the latest WEXT standards.  His patch
is in bug #462.

However saying all that I built NM 0.6.1 with no issues with Robert's
patch and my Madwifi card worked great.

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