named dbus support committed


I've just committed named dbus support to NetworkManager.  This does
away with launching named as a child process, and uses an existing named
process (that has been dbus-enabled).  All communication is via dbus.

1) Implementation is much cleaner, easier to follow.
2) Will fall back to resolv.conf when no dbus-enabled named is found
3) removes almost twice as much code as it adds
4) Fixes long-standing "DNS stops resolving" bug

1) Requires patches to named in other distributions

If you're not using a caching-nameserver already, this shouldn't affect
you and therefore you don't care.  If you are using Fedora Core or you
_are_ using a caching-nameserver, you care about the following:

o Update to bind-9.3.1-14, currently in Rawhide
o Modify your /etc/sysconfig/named to include the line:


o Start named on startup:
/sbin/chkconfig --level 2345 named on

And you're good to go.  Rawhide RPMs will come along soon.


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