nm-applet shows wrong state at boot

I've got a freshly updated, from CVS 2005/09/19, copy of NetworkManager
running on Ubuntu "Breezy Badger".  It was built using the debian/
scripts found in the 'network-manager-0.4.1+cvs20050817-0ubuntu5'

/etc/network/interfaces has the "map eth0" line commented off in the
hotplug map, and there is no "auto eth0" line.  These settings are so
that there is no attempt to configure the interface at boot time (auto)
since that results in a 'hang' when there is no cable clicked in, and so
that there is no ifup at coldplug time during the boot, for the same

When NetworkManager starts up, it starts eth0 iff there is a cable
clicked in.  That's fine and dandy --- it's what I expect.  So, when my
desktop session starts, the gkrellm shows eth0.  The problem is that the
nm-applet has the wrong state for eth0.  See the attached screenshot.

Should I file a bug in 'bugzilla'?

Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom pdx edu>

PNG image

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