HEAD 1.522

I changed the order for nm-applet in the Gnome Session Start Programs from 10 to its default value of 50 and now I do not see the no-connection icon when I boot to wired. I thought the lower order would start nm-applet earlier but apparently not. Guess I shot myself in the foot.

We have a crap DHCP server for wireless at Clemson. Several times a week the wireless DHCP server fails to respond. When NM times trying to get an ip address it throws up the passphrase dialog which is inappropriate because NM has already set a valid ESSID/Key configuration in an earlier activation stage. It would be better if NM put up a dialog that says something like 'failed to get an ip address, do you want to try again'. If you cancel out of this dialog, you should see the same thing you see when you cancel the passphrase dialog -- the no-connection icon.

The current implementation of VPN seems solid and the new animated VPN connection icon fills a gap in user feedback. I have NMD starting ntpd as well as the firestarter firewall configured for VPNC.

NM is sleeping and waking consistently with the 1398_FC4 kernel which is the most recent kernel that fully supports Thinkpad radeonfb poweroff during sleep.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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