GLIBC Requirement for getting nm compiled


What is the GLIBC requirement to get the latest sources  compiled?

What i did:

I was trying to get the latest source code on the cvs to get it
compiled on my linux box(suse 9.3). I was able to generate the configure
scripts and Makefiles but when i tried to 'make' I ended up in facing
issues like g_strv_length not found etc.. Later found that these were
new calls introduced in glibc 2.6. So got the glic 2.6 compiled and
tried to  'make' and now have ended up in undefined references to a few
calls like  g_return_if_fail_warning

Note: While trying to autogen i didnt have the appropriate dhcdbd
package. So forced it to go ahead without checking for this. Could this
have any other side-effect?


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