Initial libnl support committed


I've converted all the functions in NetworkManagerSystem.c (with the
exception of nm_system_device_set_ip4_route_with_iface()) to use libnl
rather than a lot of nasty ioctl() code.  The patch for libnl is about
2/3 the size of the old code, thus continuing the divine unbreakable
rule that all patches must remove more code than they add, or you
personally owe me $100.  This rule does not apply to me, since I would
simply be paying myself.

In any case, next step is to convert
nm_system_device_set_ip4_route_with_iface() and then start moving stuff
from the distro-specific backends into NetworkManagerSystem.c, and
convert them from calling /sbin/ip or whatever into libnl code.

You can get libnl-1.0-pre3 from here:

You can find initial RPMs for Fedora Core rawhide here:

They should show up in rawhide officially by early next week, hopefully
on the weekend.


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