Re: Questions about 0.5.1

Giuseppe Castagna wrote:
But do not panic: here you are the last entry in the ChangeLog of gnome-keyring CVS.

2005-10-24  Alexander Larsson  <alexl redhat com>

    * gnome-keyring-ask.c:
    Confirm password when selecting new password.
    Patch from Trevor Davenport (#311872)

While you wait for it to hit your favourite distribution you can use gnome-keyring-manager to move your keys in a new keyring, delete the default keyring, and create it again with a new passwd (but no empty passwd, I'm afraid). Handy isn't it?

I spoke too fast, too. Actually looking at the code it just adds a confirmation box when creating a new passwd, but it does not allow to change old one. Sorry for spamming.


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