Questions about 0.5.1


I have just upgraded to the 0.5.1 from the 0.4 and I have some naive questions. Let me first apologize for their naivety:

1) I noticed that NM use the keyring to store WEP keys. As a consequence now every time I login it asks me the password to unlock the default keyring. With ssh-agent and login it makes 3 passwd I have to type before starting using the computer, which is a little boring. Is it possible to avoid to type a passwd for the WEP key, either by making NM not to use the keyring or the keyring not to ask the passwd. Alternatively is it possible to have a single passwd request for the keyring and the ssh-askpasswd?

2) I live in a densely inhabited neighborhood, thus in my living room besides my wife I also get 4 other wireless networks of my neighbors. Since I do not broadcast my ESSID then as soon as I connect NM tries to connect on my neighbors networks. Is it possible to force NM to try first the last used network (especially when there is a network that does not broadcast the ESSID). Or alternatively tell NM to never try to connect to some known networks?

3) Finally let me add that NM is great. It was on the top of my wishlist and as it is it nearly matches all my needs. I really needed it since I travel a lot attending for instance conferences and visiting other labs. So I use a lot of different wifi networks. But most of them however are short-lived (e.g. conferences) so I was wondering whether it is possible to delete existing configurations (I'm afraid of Window's always growing register syndrom :-) ), without using e.g. gnomeconf.

4) Now that the top of my wishlist is erased, the next item becomes bluetooth management. Is it possible to use the same NM technology to handle BT connections? I'm not speaking just about networking (I saw the discussion in the archives) but also other devices. For instance I use a BT for Palm, mouse and headset, but everytime I have to handle connections by scripts. Any plans about this kind of support?

Thanks in advance


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