I was also suffering from this problem. To *really* confirm this, updating
wireless-tools works.

I suffered from one more problem then, I didn't have the dhcdbd package (it
this also listed as a dependency ? Since it didn't install it). After
installing that, it still refused to work. Rebooting was the only solution.
But it works ok now.

A minor glitch: when i restart NetworkManager & NetworkManagerDispatcher..
My "nm-applet" disappears. Whenever I try to reactivate it, it comes up, and
disappears again a half second later. No big deal though.

This is the first NetworkManager release that actually works :p (i've been
compiling it since 0.3.1. or so). Great work!


> Christopher Aillon wrote:
> > Seems this might be due to error on my part.  The package 
> didn't force 
> > an update of wireless-tools as it should have.  See 
> >
> >
> > `yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update wireless-tools` 
> should do the 
> > trick, and I'll have that fixed in a later RPM of NM in fc4.
> Yup, upgrading the wireless-tools package and restarting the 
> NetworkManager and NetworkManagerDispatcher services fixed 
> the problem 
> for me.  Thanks for the tip, Chris!
> -myk

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