Re: named or not?

On Tue, 2005-10-18 at 09:40 -0500, Brian Millett wrote:
> Hello, 
>   I'm running NetworkManager on a fedora rawhide laptop.  In the not too
> distant past, there was a named running under control of NetworkManager
> with the /etc/resolv.conf pointing to  I see that in the 0.5
> release there are these options:
>     * Make --without-named work (j bootlab org)
>     * Make --with-dhcdbd work correctly (j bootlab org)
> In the spec for fedora, the options are 
> %build
> %configure --with-named=/usr/sbin/named --with-named-dir=/var/named/data
> --with-named-user=named
> make
> So, do I need to have named service up and running?  Do I need dhcdbd up
> and running?  I don't have named running, but I do have dhcdbd.  I have
> a valid /etc/resolv.conf.  

Recent changes make NetworkManager talk to named via dbus, if you're
using the named+dbus patches in Fedora Core's bind package.  If you're
not, then NetworkManager will fall back to writing out /etc/resolv.conf.

Use of dhcdbd is a hard requirement, so you've got to have it, or NM
won't work.

For either of these, you should start both at startup
with /sbin/chkconfig --level 2345 <service> on.


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