NetworkManager 0.5.0 Released

What is it?

NetworkManager attempts to keep an active network connection available
at all times.  The point of NetworkManager is to make networking
configuration and setup as painless and automatic as possible.

NetworkManager 0.5.0 is the latest release in the unstable series
leading up to 1.0

Highlighted Changes from NetworkManager 0.4.1 to 0.5.0

* NetworkManager
   * Initscripts are now generated
   * Passphrase dialog now treats Esc keypresses properly
   * Create Network and Connect to Network dialogs now have
     different window titles
   * Not waiting as long for scans to complete (Bill Moss).
   * Fix several D-BUS object leaks (John Palmieri, Dan Williams,
                                     Christopher Aillon)
   * VPN now advertises state changes
   * Make --without-named work (j bootlab org)
   * Make --with-dhcdbd work correctly (j bootlab org)
   * Fix timeout scan values (Bill Moss)
   * Send notifications of device strength changing so clients do
     not have to poll.
   * Don't return a UDI device if it doesn't exist (Tomislav Vujec)
   * Strip whitespace from the VPN banner (Bill Moss)
   * VPN Manager rewritten to better support signals (Dan Williams)
   * Don't allow clients to determine what states we should be
     scanning in, add logic to scan when we need to.
   * Blacklist some common ESSIDs such that multiple access points
     with these ESSIDs aren't treated as the same network.
   * Support for D-BUS enabled named (Dan Williams)
   * Only '#' is a valid comment in resolv.conf (Robert Love)
   * Don't try to set auth mode on the AP from the allowed list if
     it's NULL (Bill Moss)
   * Add internal scanning code so we don't have to use iwlib's
     code any longer (Dan Williams)
   * libnm now uses guints instead of gints for its callback IDs.
   * libnm_glib_unregister_callback () now works.
   * Fix our scanning interval (Robert Love)
   * Updates to backends for Gentoo, SuSE, RedHat, Debian, and
     Slackware (Robert Love, Peter Jones, Bill Nottingham,
                j bootlab org)
       - Dialup support in RedHat backend
       - ISDN support in SUSE backend
       - Other fixes

* nm-applet
   * The applet is no longer threaded (Dan Williams)
   * Dialogs no longer block the UI when shown
   * New icons for connecting to a network and to a VPN
     (Diana Fong)
   * Context menu items have been cleaned up
   * Pressing enter in the passphrase entry should activate the
     default action.
   * Fix icon animation smoothness
   * Display more data in the Connection Information dialog
     (Robert Love)

Where can I get it?

NetworkManager source code:
with MD5 sum 820ed6dfd8bb4c5d79a055ddb8cdeb9b.


The NetworkManager Team

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