Re: NM and 2.6.14.

On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 14:20 -0400, Robert Love wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 13:44 -0400, Robert Love wrote:
> > Ah!  Nice to hear!
> > 
> > I am using 28pre8.  I will try upgrading and report back.
> Oh thank heavens, that worked.  I was seeing some scary shit and not at
> all wanting to jump into iwlib debugging.
> So, for the record -- I tried 28pre10 (the latest) first, and could not
> compile due to redefinition of the if{map,req,etc} structures.  I then
> tried 28pre9 and it worked fine.  28pre10 surely works fine, too, other
> than this bug.
> I'll ping our wireless-tools guy to bump the revision.

This is all due to some changes with WE-19 because of wireless event
stream stuff.  Drivers compiled with 19 store pointer data at the end
(or something like that) of the wireless event stream.  Looking over it
again, the problem is essentially that we're not passing the driver's
compiled version of WE into iwlib from NetworkManager, we're using the
WE version that NM was compiled with.

I'll fix that in CVS, it's a pretty easy patch.


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