NM and 2.6.14.


Seems to be some problem with 2.6.14 and our beloved NetworkManager.

See http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5363

I hit a similar, but perhaps not related, segfault.  Hand copied:

	_int_free ()
	free ()
	nm_dispose_scan_results ()
	nm_device_new ()
	nm_create_device_and_add_to_list ()
	nm_add_initial_devices ()
	nm_hal_init ()
	main ()

See it on 2.6.14-rc3, not on

Glibc is not very verbose, but the bug seems to be that we are freeing
an invalid pointer from the scan list (results.data).

I stuck some printf()'s in there, and the pointers all look fine.  It is
the third or fourth pointer in the scan list that causes the crash.

I was a little weary since the capability patch just went in, but
nm_dispose_scan_results() was not touched (although where we call it

My money is more on iwlib than the kernel -- e.g., perhaps a change in
kernel behavior is triggering bad iwlib behavior.

	Robert Love

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