Re: NM with VPN using multiple authentication modes

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 20:46 +0530, Ramu wrote:
> Hi list,
> Was perusing the latest HEAD for integrating a VPN service with NM,
> Noticed that as of now, there is just a provision of spawning one
> auth-dialog for getting authentication credentials. 

Interesting - what kind of VPN software?

> But has the list explored the possibilities of having different modes of
> authentication while connecting to a VPN gateway (For instance
> authenticating with cisco using certificate mode and/or by using Group
> authentication) ? 
> In that case one may require to have provision to provide multiple
> auth-dialog boxes in nm-<vpnname> and to spawn an
> appropriate auth-dialog depending on the authentication method chosen.

Why wouldn't you just use a single program here that looks up the auth
method that you stored in gconf under vpn_data? Then it does "the right
thing" according to what auth method it finds.


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