Re: NM with VPN using multiple authentication modes

> This sounds useful and necessary...  We knew that vpnc only does a
> subset of the stuff that VPNs need to do.  So we expect to grow out
> support for additional capabilities as time goes on, and we really do
> need at least one more VPN connector implemented to get an idea of what
> else is needed.  If you come up with things that the current VPN
> connector support falls short on, that's a good thing :)
> There's also issues in NetworkManager itself, since we kind of assume a
> tunnel device and the operations surrounding that.  I think OpenSWAN
> uses a different mechanism (in-kernel IPSec packet generation or
> something?) which would require changes to NM vpn setup code as well.

Yeah. did notice that cisco using the tunnel device. We are basically
trying to get in a variation of in-kernel IPSec VPN (IPSectools - a
brach off KAME project) into NM. 

> But we expected that.  So please tell us where stuff needs to get
> modified to support whichever VPN client you're attempting to integrate.

Will consolidate the changes that we would require from NM-VPN connector
and send in asap.

> Dan

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