NM/OpenVPN 0.2.0

I have just checked in version 0.2.0 of the NM OpenVPN integration.

This adds support for username/password and shared secret connections.
It also fixes a bug where the wrong address was returned as VPN gateway.
Till now it returned the remote address in the VPN net (usually a
private range address) and not the real remote IP address that we
connect to. This prevented it from working if the VPN gateway was not on
the same network and no specific networks to route were given. This
probably caused the problems for most people.

I wrote a small page that describes the different usage scenarios that I
thought of at http://www.niemueller.de/wiki/?OpenVPNwithNetworkManager


    Tim Niemueller <tim niemueller de>      www.niemueller.de
 Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

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