Re: Static ip configuration

Derek Frye wrote:

I think probably not a good idea. Sometimes my distribution-specific tool doesn't work, or freezes, especially when I run developmental releases. Also, some distros (gentoo and others) don't have default tools, but read config files.

Better to let NM source a config file or hook into whatever method your distro tool writes out than add a button to NM.

Since you mention Gentoo, it should be said that on this distro, NM completely overrides the network management scripts. In fact, I had to delete the symlinks pointing to net.eth1 and net.eth0 (individiual ifup scripts in init.d) to tell the system it should *not* take care of setting up any interfaces (other than loopback)

So to sum it up, in gentoo, I cannot add static ips anymore without turning off NM. Not a problem for me since there's DHCP everywhere I go, but I can definitely imagine why some people would want such an option.

Again, this might be dependent on how NM interacts with other distros.


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