nm freezes system with nm-vpnc


I use vpnc to connect to my university's wifi network.

However, for some reason, link is bad.

*Not using networkmanager at all,  (iwconfig/dhclient/vpnc by hand)
after a variable amount of time, (10 min, 1h, 3h, 6h...)  the link just
hangs, ie no packet can go through the tunnel. Running commands
"vpnc-disconnect; vpnc" just reconnects the thing. (No need to

*When just using  nework-manager to connect to the right SSID and get
DHCP,  but running vpnc through the command line, it just works the
same, ie connection hangs, but system doesn't.

*When using the vpnc-applet from network manager, when the vpn becomes
unavaible, it hangs totally the system.

The fact that the vpnc hangs connection seems to be vpnc's fault, but it
also seems that somehow the freeze is due to networkmanager.
I cannot have any useful info in system logs yet.

Any idea how to investigate this issue ? Is vpnc launched a special way
by networkmanager ?


Ferréol de Soras

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