Re: Network Manager with KDE


> The applet is a notification area applet, which means it should work
> just as well in the KDE notification area as in the GNOME one.  You'll
> need to drag along gnome-keyring and gconf though, since nobody's
> written a KDE-specific nm applet quite yet.  If anyone did, I'd be happy
> to add it to CVS...

I do this all the time with FC4 (currently using NM 0.5.x I think, I'm not 
infront of that box right now). It works just fine (most of the time), and if 
you start the applet from the command line (in FC4 its NetworkManagerInfo) it 
should start just fine and be restarted when you logout/login.

Note, if you google around for KDE and networkmanager you will find many 
discussions on this issue. Seems to me reading through a few pages most 
likely something will come out with KDE4, which will have much better support 
for DBUS/HAL. Maybe someone will patch something up for kde3, but seeing as 
the gnome one works OK, its probably not high on anyones list.


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