Re: Enabling VPN Support (again)

Dan Williams wrote:
On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 15:37 -0700, Mike Bydalek wrote:
I looked through the code and didn't really see what checks to see if vpnc is installed. There's nothing in the configure script that does this, so my big question is: How do you enable VPN support in NetworkManager?

If you look at src/vpn-manager/nm-vpn-manager.c at the very bottom,
you'll see a function called nm_vpn_manager_load_services().  That
function reads all files in SYSCONFDIR"/NetworkManager/VPN" and parses
them to make sure they are valid.  If the vpnc service file isn't in
that directory, then NM won't find the service.

The other utils also check that directory for the existence of any vpn
service files.  If they don't find any, VPN won't be available to you.


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The directory does exist - the problem is - at least on Gentoo - the vpnc service itself doesn't get built - I don't even see the vpn-daemons folder (Remi sorry we keep missing each other in #gentopia on freenode - I am in training at work, so I am not available from around 2:30pm Central time until Midnight Central time)

I thought I wrote to the list earlier about it - but apparently it didn't go through from my Gentoo email address.

If I run autoreconf in the directory, it does reconfigure, but I am wondering exactly how to enable it since it doesn't even appear to have the vpn-daemons directory in the 0.5.1 tarball.

I know that it has been in CVS for a while, so not sure why make dist would be leaving it out...

-- Steev

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