Enabling VPN Support (again)


In looking at the archives, I saw a thread discussing this, but I didn't see any resolution. Since I'm new, I can't reply to old postings, hence the new thread.

Right now I'm using NetworkManager 0.5.1, and I'm trying to get the VPN support working. Looking at the nifty screenshot on http://www.gnome.org/projects/NetworkManager/, it seems like it *can* be done, but I just don't see how.

I looked through the code and didn't really see what checks to see if vpnc is installed. There's nothing in the configure script that does this, so my big question is: How do you enable VPN support in NetworkManager?

Even looking at the applet, I don't see any "VPN Connections ->" menu item. All I get is the "Connect to Other Wireless Network", etc. And I also get the lovely "No suitable VPN Software was detected...." when running nm-vpn-properties.

As far as versions go, here they are:

dbus: 0.5
hal: 0.5.4
NetworkManager: 0.5.1
vpnc: 0.3.3

Am I missing something, or is there something that's just hardcoded to look for vpnc on Red Hat that wouldn't work for other distros (I'm using Gentoo)?


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