Re: nm-applet

On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 16:00 -0500, Jon Bradley wrote:
> Hi,
> NetworkManager daemon is running on the system.  This dispatcher is
> also running. 
> I compiled NetworkManager with gtkmm 2.8 ... the rest of Gnome is
> compiled with gtk 2.6 
> The problem is nm-applet will *NOT* start any UI.
> Here are the errors:
> from the console:
> ** (nm-applet:25059) WARNING **: Icon nm-no-connection mission: Icon
> 'nm-no-connection' not present in theme
> that prints once... and this gets printed several times:
> (nm-applet:25059): Glib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion
> 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed.
> Appearently the program nm-applet is running, but I can not see it.
> At one point during the start also a requester pops up and says it
> Missing Resouces, Cannot Continue.  asks me to press OK.
> I will try to add this icon to the theme, not that I know alot about
> gtk, but figure out something... but does anyone have any advice here
> on why I can't see any UI?

Ok, can you run:

gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor

and see if that works for you?  After the applet gets installed, we need
to force update the icon cache.  In an RPM it works because the
directory's mtime is different, so either you need to touch the
directory 'hicolor' or else you need to run the command above to get the
icons to be recognized.


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