NM 0.5.1 generates bogus resolv.conf (with fix)

NetworkManager 0.5.1 generates an /etc/resolv.conf in which the IP of the primary name server is used for _all_ name servers. If the primary name server is unavailable for some reason, then the network connection is, err, less than useful.

This problem is the result of a small bug in nm-named-manager.c The fix is below. Please consider this for inclusion in 0.5.2.


diff -ru NetworkManager-0.5.1.orig/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c NetworkManager-0.5.1/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c --- NetworkManager-0.5.1.orig/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c 2005-09-28 10:42:57.000000000 -0400 +++ NetworkManager-0.5.1/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c 2005-11-11 09:26:23.000000000 -0500
@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@
 		if (!str)
 			str = g_string_new ("");

-		addr.s_addr = nm_ip4_config_get_nameserver (config, 0);
+		addr.s_addr = nm_ip4_config_get_nameserver (config, i);
 		buf = g_malloc0 (ADDR_BUF_LEN);
 		inet_ntop (AF_INET, &addr, buf, ADDR_BUF_LEN);

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