Two weeks

It has been now two weeks since I posted a request for comment for this
page of mine that I propose for inclusion.

In this two weeks, There has been a couple of posts from satisfied users,
and zero posts mentionning any problem of any kind.

Unfortunately, (and that's, of course, the only important point) there
were no post from maintaineers of NetworkManager.

I understand that maintaineers are busy people, but still: two weeks is

So, as a user and a potential contributor, what is the procedure, for
this project, to have a patch accepted ? It is about a feature that
several people find useful and that won't affect in any way the people
that are not aware of it. (overhead for normal users: one syscall
(readdir) that fails at startup.)

If it is about the shape of the code, I would be glad to improve on it
(someone mentionned that, maybe, I should not use C99 constructs (C99
constructs that gcc accepts out of the box, without any switch, of
course). Is that a problem ? Should I ANSI-fy the code ?)

Please, tell something !

Every info on the patch itself is on


	Éric Brunet

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