Re: hidden essids and atheros.

My two cents:

I come down on the side of 'making the drivers' better.

At Clemson all students have laptops. Freshman have T43's with Intel Pro 2915ABG, while sophomores have T42's with Intel Pro 2200 BG (same as me). Both groups use ipw2200/ieee80211. Juniors have T41's with Cisco 350 mini-cards and use the airo driver. I have made some small contributions to the ipw2200 and NM projects. Currently, NM is working well will ipw2200 and airo. I have submitted patches for both drivers when I saw the need. The airo patches are (1) scan quality support (2) scan channel number correction (3) time to scan (4) minimal ethtool support. Dan beat me to (1). Someone else beat me to (2). (3) is in the mill and I am testing (4). Now when I put a Cisco 350 card into my T42, the airo driver works as well as ipw2200 with NM. I am waiting to hear if anyone objects to (3) which removes what appears to be an unnecessary 3 second delay in reporting scan results.

If atheros/madwifi has a big following, maybe someone out there can take a look at that driver relative making it work better with NM.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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