Re: Problems building NetworkManager

Dan Williams wrote:
On Wed, 11 May 2005, Stefan Zechmeister wrote:

Dan Williams wrote:

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Anthony Winter wrote:

I'm trying to compile Network Manager with the aim to perhaps contribute. I've tried two ways:
1/ downloading the 0.4 source tar and trying to build
2/ checking out directly from cvs and trying to build.

I have had no success yet and think it may be due to failed dependancies. The website says I need: gnome-common, dbus, hal, and wireless-tools

Unfortunately, 0.4/HEAD is for dbus >= 0.3, while FC3 includes dbus-0.23. For the moment, you'll want the STABLE_0_3 branch.

cvs -z3 co -rSTABLE_0_3 NetworkManager

I should really put up better instructions and build requirements, along with regular tarball drops. My bad.


if i want the head revision on fc3 - what would i have to recompile?
do you know what other packages depend on the older dbus? are there patches for these packages to use the newer dbus?

I may be forgetting a few, but hal, hal-cups-utils, gnome-volume-manager, desktop-printing, NetworkManager, and maybe bluez-utils depend on dbus. Since the API from 0.2x -> 0.3 changed quite a bit (both binary and wire-protocol), you'll have to recompile these FC4 packages against the recompiled dbus 0.3 on your FC3 system.
or, are there some updates planned for this on fc3?

No update of dbus is planned for FC3. When NM 0.4 gets stable enough, it would be possible (and not that hard) to downgrade the dbus code in NM to 0.2x. But API and ABI for NetworkManager have changed since 0.3 and 0.4 too, so anything depending on NetworkManager would need to be changed as well. This gets to be more and more complex; the further you go, the more needs to be changed.


this sound really complex - my intend is, to get a "working" version of nm on a fc3 system which maybe gets replaced with a rhel4 system in 2nd half of this year. so i use my fc3 box as a testbed for things related to my ibm thinkpad t41p (mostly video drivers and acpi stuff). the t41p uses an atheros based wifi which does not really work with nm. its getting better and better but the only problems i seem to have now are dhcp related - nm does not get a correct dhcp lease from the ap - ifup does.


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