Re: Problems building NetworkManager

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Anthony Winter wrote:
> I'm trying to compile Network Manager with the aim to perhaps 
> contribute.  I've tried two ways:
> 1/ downloading the 0.4 source tar and trying to build
> 2/ checking out directly from cvs and trying to build.
> I have had no success yet and think it may be due to failed 
> dependancies. The website says I need: gnome-common, dbus, hal, and 
> wireless-tools

Unfortunately, 0.4/HEAD is for dbus >= 0.3, while FC3 includes dbus-0.23.  For 
the moment, you'll want the STABLE_0_3 branch.

cvs -z3 co -rSTABLE_0_3 NetworkManager

I should really put up better instructions and build requirements, along with 
regular tarball drops.  My bad.


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