Re: Problems building NetworkManager

Dan Williams wrote:
On Wed, 11 May 2005, Anthony Winter wrote:

I'm trying to compile Network Manager with the aim to perhaps contribute. I've tried two ways:
1/ downloading the 0.4 source tar and trying to build
2/ checking out directly from cvs and trying to build.

I have had no success yet and think it may be due to failed dependancies. The website says I need: gnome-common, dbus, hal, and wireless-tools

Unfortunately, 0.4/HEAD is for dbus >= 0.3, while FC3 includes dbus-0.23. For the moment, you'll want the STABLE_0_3 branch.

cvs -z3 co -rSTABLE_0_3 NetworkManager

I should really put up better instructions and build requirements, along with regular tarball drops. My bad.


if i want the head revision on fc3 - what would i have to recompile?
do you know what other packages depend on the older dbus? are there patches for these packages to use the newer dbus?

or, are there some updates planned for this on fc3?


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