Re: [patch] Support Debian's resolvconf

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 18:28 -0400, Will Dyson wrote:

> I really use resolvconf because it seems more elegant than having
> various different scripts and programs rewriting my resolv.conf file.

My point is, NetworkManager should be the only program writing out your
resolv.conf.  For example, NetworkManager now has integrated VPN
support, which obviates one major class of programs which also want to
change network configuration.

In other words, the general idea is that NetworkManager owns the network
configuration completely.  This is a good thing, because NetworkManager
has a holistic and dynamic view of the network; it's keeping track of
what the user wants, when the network is available and not, what
hardware is plugged in, etc.  Random shell scripts or whatever dropped
in /etc/resolvconf.d or whatever don't.

I don't really see the value in extra indirection through resolvconf
unless it actually solves some real-world problem that users care about.
If you can come up with one, great; we can discuss implementation
details in solving that problem using resolvconf versus NetworkManager
plugins versus whatever.

> And because I actually do run caching nameservers on some of my other
> systems, and like to keep things as similar as possible across my
> machines.

This confuses me - NetworkManager does contain a caching nameserver.
Are you talking about making your NetworkManager machines similar to
machines which currently don't run NM?  Or something else?

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