This used to work...

So I used to be able to connect to the wireless network at one of my
customers but cannot any more.  Watching the output of iwconfig while NM
is trying to get my ipw2200 card going, I see it setting the mode to
"Ad-hoc".  That's not right is it?  If I manually set the mode to Managed
then tell NM to configure the interface, it goes back to Ad-hoc.  I've
tried shutting it all down, including the nm-applet, then deleting the
entries using gconftool and restarting but I get the same thing.

This works connecting to the APs at my office and house.  Something's
different here at this customer's site.  Wierd.  Any suggestions would be


PS: FC4, IPW2200-1.0.4, NetworkManager-CVS-20050626
Paul Dugas, Computer Engineer           Dugas Enterprises, LLC
paul dugas cc     phone: 404-932-1355   522 Black Canyon Park     fax: 866-751-6494   Canton, GA 30114 USA

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