Re: MII-less network card support

Tom Parker wrote:

NetworkManager: SWITCH: old device no longer good, but no better device was available

Given this wired card is the only one in this machine, this is somewhat annoying. Now, I *think* this might be linked into the fact that my crappy network card is breaking HAL somewhat, as it's entry in hal-device-manager has the net.80203 capability, and a net.interface_up as '1', but no entry, in direct contravention of the HAL 0.42 spec. I'll have a look at that at some point...

I've managed to figure out how to fix my problems, and it may also help some of the other people with issues re: HAL appears to have undergone some considerable changes (e.g. what looks like the start of a complete rewrite of the linux 2.6 backend) in current CVS HEAD vs. the 0.4-stable branch. I've just compiled the latest CVS, tested it briefly, and suddenly I have accurate info for my network card and my remaining bug has dissappeared. For the interested, I've created Debian packages of the current HAL CVS, and they're available at Note that I've basically just copied+pasted the existing debian packaging files from the 0.4.7-1 package, with only adding this CVS version to the changelog. This currently WFM, but YMMV.

Hopefully these packages, or at least this information, is of use to others having problems.


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