Yet another case of Reply message was not UDP

It appears that these messages aren't always related to the DHCP server
replying with something else than UDP. It actually appears that in my
case NetworkManager doesn't send a request to the network at all.

My setup consists of ISC DHCPD3, ndiswrapper'd wlan card as wlan0 and
NetworkManager built from CVS today.

I tried capturing packages on the dhcp server (and on the wlan AP to be
certain) to see if it was really a case of receiving TCP from the DHCP
server and noticed that only dhcp queries sent to the network were from
dhclient that i had to fire up to check the logs. After finding out that
the problem was not in the replies i plugged in a cable to eth0 (to the
same network) only to notice that everything works just fine.

So, now it would appear that there is something else to this problem.
But I'm rather clueless where to start debugging.

- S

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