Re: Yet another case of Reply message was not UDP

On Sun, 27 Feb 2005, Sami Haahtinen wrote:
> It appears that these messages aren't always related to the DHCP server
> replying with something else than UDP. It actually appears that in my
> case NetworkManager doesn't send a request to the network at all.
> My setup consists of ISC DHCPD3, ndiswrapper'd wlan card as wlan0 and
> NetworkManager built from CVS today.
> I tried capturing packages on the dhcp server (and on the wlan AP to be
> certain) to see if it was really a case of receiving TCP from the DHCP
> server and noticed that only dhcp queries sent to the network were from
> dhclient that i had to fire up to check the logs. After finding out that
> the problem was not in the replies i plugged in a cable to eth0 (to the
> same network) only to notice that everything works just fine.
> So, now it would appear that there is something else to this problem.
> But I'm rather clueless where to start debugging.

Ok, so are you saying that only wlan0 has problems sending DHCP requests out to 
the server, and that eth0 works fine?


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