Network Manager

I had originally posted this to the Fedora-List but was told that this
was a more appropriate list: 

I am very impressed with this program. Good work to the creator(s).

I am using ndiswrapper with a built-in wifi (broadcom chipset) on a
Compaq R3000 laptop. I have not previously been able to scan other
available networks or view signal strength because of the fact I am
using ndiswrapper. This has given me that ability.

However, having the ability to view multiple choices means that I can
see all my neighbour's as well. I am just wondering if there is a way to
specify a "preferred" network. My SSID is not encrypted but does not
broadcast either. I can connect if I specify the SSID. I also would like
to know if I can automate the connection process on boot that it trys to
connect to my SSID. The Network Manager Daemon starts but I need to run
"NetworkManagerInfo" from the console to start a scan. I would like this
process to start automatically if possible. When I do run the command,
it connects to my neighbour even though I was last connected to my own
access point.

David Donnelly

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