Comments on current version

First, thank you for working out a sane infrastructure for laptop
networking.  But some things I would like to see fixed:

1. Can't automatically attach  to some AP's (like T-Mobile), perhaps
   it is because of DHCP spoofing issues.  If so, my suggestion would be
   to add a option to allow (by essid) and store it (like WEP keys).

2. The per-distro support files consist of lots of shell commands that get
   executed in situ.  Why not do it as a shell script (like hotplug). This would
   allow easier customization and bug fixing.

3. When scanning, it would be nice to have different icon than the moving dot scan
   reflecting where NM is the startup process.  Often, it doesn't get setup fast
   enough, and it would help if I could tell if it was not finding an AP, or having
   trouble getting a IP address.

4. Minor nit: please line wrap the README file, it looks sloppy as is.

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