Re: "more refined" panel icons

thanks for your consideration, your points are well taken. mind you, i'm
not suggesting changing the current icon, i am very well aware of its
appeal. still, i personally don't like it, and just experimented a

as for the shortcomings of "my" set of icons, i'm sure they will become
more refined over time. (eg, a recognition factor is easy enough to
implement, and the signal strength division is rather arbitrary and will
most likely also change.)



On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 11:56 +0100, Rene Rask wrote:
>On Sat, 2005-02-19 at 23:11 -0500, Sven wrote:
>> hi,
>> i don't really like the WinXP look and feel of NM's signal strength
>> icon :-| in addition, it only indicates strengths in the regions 100% <
>> 75% < 50% < 25% < 0% (for what it's worth anyway). i quite like gwlan's
>> icon, nevertheless i decided to come up with "my own" design (which
>> probably already exists out there). i'm as bold as to suggest to change
>> NM's icons, but if somebody out there wants a more refined set of panel
>> icons for the signal strength, here's a patch and a link to a set of
>> icons (that need to be copied to NM's panel-applet/icons/ directory
>> before compiling). the strength range is  100 < 85 <65 < 45 < 25 < 5 <
>> 0, and the color changes according to the signal strength range. it's
>> certainly not perfect and not meant for everybody, but i thought i'd
>> share it with the NM world - maybe somebody finds it useful (i.e., likes
>> it or feels inspired to do her/his own icons).
>I must admit that I like the current icon.
>- It clearly show that you are connected.
>- It shows the strength of the signal and if you need more detail, you
>can hover the pointer above it.
>- It resembles the signal strength icon on many mobile phones which is a
>big plus.
>Your icon on the other hand has no recognition factor _at all_. 
>The icon "disappears" with low signal strength.
>The clue as to how strong the signal is is gone. You don't have a visual
>reference for maximum strength when your strength is low.
>I mean, its like saying "strength is 5" without also making clear that
>it is 5 out of 10 with 10 being the strongest.
>If you really want a new icon I would suggest it be made a theme option.
>The current one is a perfect match for bluecurve and more importantly it
>is obviously a strength indicator.
>That is just my opinion of course.
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