Re: 1.286 nm_deactivate_device bug

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Bill Moss wrote:
> g_source_remove removes a source from the default Main context but what 
> the nm_deactivate_device function is trying to do is remove a source 
> from the Main context of the device. I found this reference that seems 
> to be talking about a similar issue.


Thanks for tracking that one down, I'll fix it ASAP.  It seems that you can't 
ever remove a GSource from a non-main context and _reuse_ it.  Blatant API 
oversight :)  The fix is to use g_source_destroy() like they say in the email, 
but then of course you cannot reuse the GSource.  We actually don't want to 
reuse it in NetworkManager, but the facility to reuse a non-default-context 
GSource simply isn't there.


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