Tried and Failed NetworkManager on Fedora 3


by the article in Redhat magazine I stumbled in and over NetworkManager. Looks great, if it would work for me. As I'm hooking into differend networks this looked a great tool. Have installed and started it without errors and or problems.

But then I could not use my wired link any more. It's the fixed NIC in my Hp OmniBook XE3.

if starting the network manager like # service networkManager start   
Setting network parameters:                                [  OK  ]
Starting NetworkManager daemon:                            [  OK  ]

starting the $> NetworkManagerInfo &   => shows the icon
If I click the icon I can see wired network, but nothing more then that. My wireless has not been connected yet. But then I cannot access the network any more, I cannot find an error messages. if I want to get connected with the network again I have to stop the NetworkManager service and deactivate/activate my nic.

The nic is configured as :
[root HPomniXE3 ~]# ethtool -i eth0
driver: tulip
version: 1.1.13
bus-info: 0000:00:10.0

This is what is installed :

uname -r

What is going on?
What can I do to trace / fix it?

Rick van Ek
Van Ek IT-Consultancy bv

email: rick v ek xs4all nl

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