Re: signal strength problem for multiple ap's w/ the same essid

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 10:51 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
> The gdesklet is on crack actually, and those values don't really come
> from anywhere and break with different cards.  NM is using the values
> _directly_ from the driver, the same values you see in 'iwconfig'.  If
> the driver's idea of quality and max quality is off, then the solution
> is to fix the driver, not work around it with code like gdesklet does
> that doesn't make any sense for all cards...
true enough. i guess it works for me right now... also, i deduce
everything from what i have and see, which is only the atheros abg card.
it seems to me that when i compare iwconfig and /proc/net/wireless the
link quality #'s are the same... again, i don't know the code or where
it's coming from, it's just an observation. i do see and acknowledge the
need to have a universal solution, and i trust your assessment of the
situation: the drivers suck (and there are too many of them ;-). and i
appreciate all the effort you and the other NM developers put in to find
a linux wireless networking solution that works (and does not suck).

apart from that: could it be that NM sometimes takes the signal strength
form the wrong AP (in the situation i described, with AP's with the same
essid)? and what about the change in signal strengths? 


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