Re: signal strength problem for multiple ap's w/ the same essid

On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 10:45 -0500, Sven wrote:
> i use a little gdesklet applet to show the signal quality, and (not
> knowing better) it is calculated from /proc/net/wireless as math.log
> (quality+1)/math.log(92)*100 , which i am pretty happy with ( +1 to have
> 0 when quality=0 in /proc/net/wireless). when right next to my ap at
> home, iwconfig reports 68/92, which gives me 92% in my gdesklet.
> restarting NM when close to the AP gives 92% as well... so it seems that
> NM uses a log formula as well, no? and 75/94 would translate to 95%... 

The gdesklet is on crack actually, and those values don't really come
from anywhere and break with different cards.  NM is using the values
_directly_ from the driver, the same values you see in 'iwconfig'.  If
the driver's idea of quality and max quality is off, then the solution
is to fix the driver, not work around it with code like gdesklet does
that doesn't make any sense for all cards...


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