NetworkManager for RHEL4-RC



I have been observing the NetworkManager project….seems to have the most momentum for the WLAN configuration!


The NM that ships with RHEL4-RC is very old and has less features, and I could not get it to work on my IBM T41… I like to get the latest NetworkManager to work on the RHEL4-RC, I checked out the sources form the cvs, and tried to build; I noted that the sources use the all latest packages for hal/dbus/glib2 etc etc. Is there a version or tag of the sources that can be compiled and run successfully on RHEL4-RC?  (RHEL4-RC uses 0.22 dbus, 0.4.2 hal, 2.6.9 kernel etc)Do I have to upgrade to > 2.6.10 kernel? The latest sources require this….





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