Announce - diamond, a DBus enabled DHCP client.

Following the thread on this list a couple of weeks ago, under the unlikely subject of "Late to the party - multiple search domains on the network.", I've done some work on a DBus-enabled DHCP client. I hope that it's of interest to the NetworkManager people and therefore not off-topic for this list.

The result of my hacking stays fairly close to the ideal which was thrashed out in that thread. At this point I've not attempted to provide slot-in compatibility with Jason's dhclient-based work, partly because some bits didn't seem to fit too well, and partly because I didn't have a precise enough spec to follow. I think however that it should be possible to evolve both towards a common interface, and this release makes no promises at all about the stability of the DBus interface in advance of that.

The 0.1 release is certainly usable, but not currently well tested. I'd appreciate feedback from anybody who wants to try it out. This is the first of my code to use libdbus, so any dbus experts who would like to sanity-check it would be most welcome.

The tarball includes a quick first go at documenting the DBus interface as it currently stands, and also a TODO list of items which I plan to tackle before the next release. I developed against dbus 0.31.

In case your wondering:
Dynamic Interface Address Management on Networks Daemon

Tarball at

License is GPL v2.



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