Re: NetworkManager + Madwifi still not working w/ FC3

Quoting Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:

> > Any chance you could push out a wireless-tools update to this newer
> > version?
> None whatsoever :)
> But I will _backport_ that change, whatever it is.  The problem is that with
> wireless-tools-28, the soname of the library changes to .28, which means that
> packages like NetworkManager, kdenetwork, and others need to be recompiled 
> completely to pick up that soname change.

Fair enough.
> I thought the change required was to "just wait longer" for the Atheros
> cards, 
> which I added to wireless-tools- in fc3-updates, but I'll have to
> check.

I honestly don't know what "change" is required, but even with the updated
wireless-tools I still have the occasional failure as per the madwifi faq. 
Once that bug is fixed I'll let you know if it fixes the OTHER issue, which is
that NM never seems to recognize that the AP is associated.
> Dan


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