Re: [Utopia] NetworkManager 0.3.1

On Tue, 2004-10-19 at 17:24 -0400, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
> This does not appear to be in Gentoo as of this time, dispite the web
> page claiming it is.  This makes it more difficult to try out, so I'll
> ask some questions first.
> On Gentoo, udev will run the start script when interface foo
> appears.  Does NetworkManager stop this?  How does NetworkManager deal
> with the network changing out from under it, because I
> plugged/enabled/modprobed my wireless card?  Should I tell Udev not to
> run those scripts, and not run them at startup?  What about startup
> scripts with net dependancies?
> In otherwords, how does this interact with the rest of my Gentoo system
> to keep the whole thing running smoothly?
> (Obviously, all these questions apply to Redhat, Debian, etc.)
> Daniel


I was under the impression that the person who'd contributed the Gentoo
backend would be packaging NetworkManager soon, but I guess that hasn't
happened yet.  The website has been updated.  Thanks.

WRT initscripts, the current answer is "don't use both."  System
initscripts will have to be changed to not do their thing when
NetworkManager is active.  This is fairly high on the priority list.  On
boot however, NetworkManager will respect an already-existing wired
connection that's been set up by the initscripts, but that's it.  If you
change the configuration out from under NM, it will get annoyed with you
and will either become confused, or switch the configuration right back
to the way it was before the scripts were run.


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