Re: NMLaunchHelper and encrypted wireless networks

On Wed, 2004-11-24 at 14:44 +0100, j bootlab org wrote:
> i might miss some important point, but i could not find any
> place keys are actually read from gconf right now. which would
> also explain why i have to enter the key each time i restart 
> my laptop, while they are cached than only suspending.

They are actually read by NetworkManagerInfo and sent to NetworkManager
on request.  NMI also sends dbus signals to NM to tell NM to update the
wireless networks, so that when the gconf entries change NM is made
aware of them.  Look for
NetworkManagerPolicy.c:nm_state_modification_monitor() and

With the Orinoco card, I'd suspect that you ahve to keep entering the
key becuase the card won't  associate.  NM will loop through the auth
modes, and if the AP is encrypted (which we detect through scanning) and
all auth modes fail, it will assume that your WEP key is wrong and ask
you again before repeating the process.

I'll ahve to check it out with my orinoco card, but I'll be in CA for
Thanksgiving until next week...


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