Re: NMLaunchHelper and encrypted wireless networks

> What's the problem with logging in?  I know it does take a bit of time
> for NM to connect once you've logged in, is that the issue here?
the time does not matter that much, my default desktop environment
contains i.e. gaim which will utterly fail with no network connection
and will pop up with an error for each of my IM accounts.
gaim just needs network detection based on dbus/NetworkManager i guess.
same for evolution, and many other network aware tools.

just tried to get current cvs to work, but 
nm_device_wireless_network_exists always fails on my wireless card
(latest cvs driver, orinoco_pci)

running watch -n1 iwconfig eth2 it looks like the card never finds the
ap could be caused by switching through the diffrent auth systems,
giving it some rest, i.e. by pluging in an ethernet cable it will 
connect to the ap after some time.

another issue, than selecting an ap from the list, 
scanning works for me too, in panel-applet/NMWirelessApplet.c:
nmwa_menu_item_activate calls

nmwa_dbus_set_device (applet->connection, dev, net, -1, NULL);

should that not rather try to get the key from gconf and call 
nmwa_dbus_set_device with key if that is available?

i might miss some important point, but i could not find any
place keys are actually read from gconf right now. which would
also explain why i have to enter the key each time i restart 
my laptop, while they are cached than only suspending.


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